Enhancing Libido with Infusion Therapy

Libido is another word for a person’s sex drive or sexual desires. Like energy levels, a person’s libido can be affected by several factors, both internal and external. Everyone’s different, but most people see their libido decline as they age. Still, a decreased libido can cause frustration, and pre-existing treatments range from holistic to intense […]

Treating Cold and Flu Symptoms with Infusion Therapy

It’s that time of year again ­– the colder seasons are almost here, and cold and flu seasons are sure to follow. Though there is much you can do to prepare, sometimes catching a cold or the seasonal flu is unavoidable. And because of the viral nature of seasonal illnesses, patients are often left to […]

Overcoming Nausea with Infusion Therapy

Nausea is a common ailment, defined as a feeling of feeling sick to your stomach. From food poisoning to motion sickness to emotional stress, a wide variety of issues can cause a person to feel nauseous. In most cases, nausea isn’t a cause for serious concern–but it can be a cause for serious inconvenience or […]